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About Sproutnomics

Sproutnomics was created in early 2019. It first started as a means to document the creator’s journey in business growth as a licensed realtor in Minneapolis, MN; however, it quickly became a resource for others to help turn their own real estate dreams into a reality.

Who is the voice behind Sproutnomics?

My name is Michael Wenneson the owner and creator of Sproutnomics. I am a licensed realtor in Minneapolis, MN with over twentyyears of experience in real estate. Growing up, my family bought and invested in income properties in order to build up a passive income stream. This piqued my  interest at a young age and guided me to the path I’m on today.  

Some of my passions include writing, blogging, and creating websites. I have a vast number of topics that interest me, to include real estate, stocks/investments, web design, marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization). When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Cali and our dog Phoebe, reading, staying active, meeting new people, and traveling. Over the last few years I’ve really grown to love running as a way to mentally refresh and connect with new people. 

I have been self employed since December 2017 where I left my corporate account manager job to pursue my passion in real estate. I spent time buying and selling real estate for myself and soon realized how much I loved everything about the housing market. I went on to get my real estate license so I could help individuals buy and sell their own properties. With the skills I’ve learned throughout the years with my own real estate transactions, I quickly excelled and my business sprouted.

My 5 E Core Values


I strive to educate my clients and ensure they are getting the best value possible when they decide to take the plunge into the world of real estate. This has made me invaluable in the overall transaction, especially for first time home buyers.


For every action I take in my career I ask myself ‘am I acting as a decent human being?’  There is no amount of money I could receive to go against this core value. I have walked away from clients who wanted to act fast and loose to save a buck— I firmly believe no corners should be cut when it comes to real estate.


Real estate is a very competitive industry. Where there is competition, you will see others treating people as stepping stones to insure their own success. This goes against my own core values and to combat that, I strive to empower those around me instead of tearing people down to get a leg up. Empowerment doesn’t only apply to my clients but also my team and fellow competing realtors. 


The strongest business tool in my toolbox is empathy. Have you ever had the ‘pleasure’ of working with a salesman that only had one interest in mind (their commission check), and failed to recognize and address the real problem at hand? In the real estate industry that is referred to as commission breath. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get paid for my services, but helping solve other people’s problems through empathy and compassion is why I am in the business. There is no better feeling than going to bed at night knowing that I helped make a difference in someone else’s life.


To be excellent is to believe in yourself, knowing without a doubt that you are the very best in what you do. I am not cocky or full of myself by any means; however, I do believe that I am the very best at what I do simply because I give the best of myself to everyone I meet.

Our readers come first

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