Recommended Stock Broker



Robinhood is very beginner friendly, and is always the first broker I recommend to someone that has little to no experience. It is a great place if you are looking at investing in stocks or have a higher risk tolerance and are ready to dabble in Options.



Webull it perfect for those who understand how to read a chart. Their Option chain is a bit more complex compared to Robinhood, but being able to use indicators is definitely a win!


Think or Swim

The Think or Swim (TOS) platform is a complete powerhouse. It can do anything you can throw at it, including complex trading strategies, various indicators, and any and all Option plays. Not for the faint of heart with the massive learning curve.

Recommended Charting Website

Absolute Must Have


Simply put, Tradingview is the best charting website out there. I have yet to come close to finding anything that is better, and it has been my go to for charts and technical analysis for many years. 

Recommended Credit Cards

Cash Back

American Express Blue Cash Everyday


Chase Sapphire Reserve

Cash Back

Citi Double Cash Card

Recommended High Yield Savings

Capital One 360 Bank
1.5% with $0 minimum balance
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Discover Bank Online Savings
1.40% with $0 minimum balance
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Ally Bank
1.5% with $0 minimum balance
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